Raised in North East Thailand, Kaenkaew has been deeply immersed in the exotic culinary culture of the region for most of her life. From a very early age, she was learning the recipes of Royal Thai cuisine from her Grandmother, who worked in the Royal Thai household kitchens. From 13 years of age, Kaenkaew served her apprenticeship in a large regional restaurant, then worked in popular Bangkok restaurants before moving to Australia in 1989.

Kaenkaew opened her own very successful Thai restaurant, ‘Buddha’s Banquet’, in Richmond, and her reputation for producing high quality Thai food spread quickly. After selling the business in 2007, Kaenkaew ran her own catering business and also began cooking classes in Melbourne.

Kaenkaew’s journey with food has been entirely through first hand, on-the-job experience, and she has refined her culinary expertise over the past three decades. Her repertoire includes a large and diverse range of Thai and Laos dishes, including Royal Thai cuisine. Authentic, home style Thai/Laos cuisine is her speciality.

Kaenkaew is a lively, engaging and interactive teacher who caters to the individual needs and tastes of learners. She imparts her expert culinary expertise in an accessible and practical manner, and also inspires her students to learn more about the exotic culinary culture of Thailand and Laos. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced cook, you will acquire new knowledge and valuable skills in Thai food preparation and presentation that will enrich your own cooking repertoire and capabilities.